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Craig’s Story

Craig Peterhansen answered the call to mentor four years ago in the early pilot days of implementing our mentor program in the Oldham County School District. Take a look at how one step of faith impacted his life.

“Like any opportunity to serve, I fully believe you get back far more than you can pour into it.  The mentoring program has been a great example of this. Since having a little faith to step up and be a part of this effort, I have clearly been blessed.  Serving these young men by participating in this important program has strengthened my ability to listen, has shaped my understanding of how to share a message of hope, and has taught me how to trust the Lord’s plans for my life and for the kids. These lessons have been beneficial across my life.

I also have learned that when kids begin to trust you and openly communicate with you, and when they understand you care for them without judging them, then real changes can occur.  They can begin to believe that they have an opportunity for a future, that by making better decisions will lead to a better result for them, and that their situation or their past does not have to define their future! I have learned many boys face some tremendous challenges and who better to walk beside them than men of faith. Who better to show integrity, empathy and love? So, my question to the men out there would be–why not you and why not now?

I believe that the time we spend planting and water these seeds with the kids, will reap a harvest one day.  I understand I may not always see it, but I have faith that God will use our efforts at His perfect time to make a difference in a life, just as he has done with mine.”

If God is tugging at your heart to pour into the lives of at-risk youth, contact us at Denise@TheHopeCollaborative.org to learn how you can get involved.

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Answered Prayer

Hope Place is located in the beautiful neighborhood of Beechmont in South Louisville. There are over 100 languages spoken within four blocks of the building, which is an amazing representation of what heaven will look like. While the neighborhood is wonderful in many ways, there are also challenges which include a high crime rate, addiction, homelessness and high unemployment. Many immigrants and refugees face challenges adjusting to the culture and struggle to learn English which makes finding jobs difficult. This is why Hope Place was started – to make hope tangible. To empower local churches to meet needs and bring hope to the hopeless in South Louisville. We have seen God do just that in the short amount of time that we have been here!

Hope Place was started in March and we have already watched the Lord mobilize his people to help! When we have presented a request to the Lord, it has quickly been met through the church.

We needed someone to handle day to day maintenance, we prayed, and God provided someone who volunteers much of his time to help with whatever is needed. Whether that is plumbing, HVAC, cementing in a basketball goal, painting, changing filters or lightbulbs, or organizing a work crew – he is here to help!

We knew that addiction recovery was desperately needed in the neighborhood. We prayed, and God answered with a man who just moved into the nearby apartment complex came over to see if he could host Alcoholics Anonymous here! We now have six AA meeting times per week. Shortly after a lady also called because she wanted to start a Christian addiction recovery program and they are now meeting one evening a week.

Realizing that many residents needed help learning English, we prayed for someone to help us get an ESL program started. God answered, and within a week, we met with COFFEE Louisville (an ESL ministry) who has started a Friday morning ESL class at Hope Place.

Our first Block Party was in May and we didn’t know what to expect. We prayed for volunteers and neighbors to come. God answered and had 40 volunteers and over 500 people come out to celebrate the opening of Hope Place! We were absolutely blown away at the support from local churches and the community!

We stepped out in faith and created connection cards for neighbors to complete at the block party. We added things like dance and summer camp, though we didn’t have a plan for how they would actually happen. We prayed and God answered – shortly after, I met a young woman wanting to start a dance ministry and a High School Pastor looking for a place to plug his high-schoolers in. A dance studio is in the works and we are now in our third week of camp, thanks to the help of 40+ high-school students!

We prayed for a volunteer who could help with financial sustainability and we now have an amazing lady with a business background who volunteers 3 days a week of her time.

In June we began praying for a co-laborer for myself as the only Hope Place employee. Two weeks ago, we hired Lindsay Shores as our Neighborhood Ministry Associate, who couldn’t be more perfect for the position.

We have been praying about doing some renovations in the basement and this week we got a call from a local church wanting to serve us by donating all the supplies and time to help us!

God is moving! He is at work at Hope Place and it’s fascinating to watch! The question is, do you have a role to play? Maybe there is something that we are praying for right now, that God is calling you to do. Maybe you are a piece to this puzzle that is so clearly coming together.

If you are interested in finding out how you can get involved or want to volunteer, contact Kristy at kristy@hopeccd.org

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