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As one church body, bring wholeness, unity, and healing to our community.

Hope Collaborative is a Church Centered Community Development organization aimed at uniting local churches around the cause of meeting felt needs and addressing the root causes of each felt need within our community in the name of Jesus.

Hope Collaborative was launched at the end of 2017 with the goal of supporting churches and removing barriers to their engagement responding to needs of their communities.

Hope Collaborative currently provides 2 specific programs with plans to develop others in the near future. The first is the Public Schools Outreach  which mobilizes the church to serve in public schools as mentors and volunteers. The second, Hope Place, involves outreach and services to meet the needs of the South Louisville community.

As the Church engages it will be seen as relevant and an agent of positive change in the community.

Connect with us

We would love to share more with you about the work we are doing and invite you into this amazing work. Please use the two links below to contact us or if you are ready to join, you can donate as well.