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Public Schools Outreach

Denise Anthony

Denise has always had a passion for working with young adults. That passion turned into ministry after working as the In-School Program Coordinator with the Adopt-A-School Initiative in Dallas, TX.
Now as the Director of Public Schools, Denise is determined more than ever to see at-risk youth impacted by the power of mentoring.

Jeff Dye
In-School Program Coordinator/Oldham County

Jeff loves helping folks find their place of service, equipping them as they develop relationships with others. In his role, he has the privilege of connecting mentors, students, and schools, supporting them on a common journey toward growth and flourishing.

Rhonda Perkins
Administrative Assistant

Rhonda feels so blessed to be working with a non-profit organization that is helping young people in our community.  By using her administrative skills, she feels she is part of this important endeavor that is giving hope to our youth.  She is excited to see where God is going to take this ministry.

Delorise Sullivan
In-School Program Coordinator/Jefferson County

Delorise believes that her position places her in the front-line of defense by having a role in connecting young people with mentors.
She feels grateful to be serving in a program that gives children hope and let them know they have choices. 

Amanda Fillebrown
Administrative Assistant/Jefferson County

Amanda is honored to have the opportunity to use her administrative and organizational gifts to serve Hope Collaborative’s staff and volunteers. She is eager to see how the lives of the youth in our communities are changed by God’s love and grace as it is shared by our mentors.  

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